Chelsea Jackson NBA Coaching Legend Phil Jackson’s daughter

So, first the back story: my pops is the kind of guy who doesn't ever comment on ANYTHING! He honestly doesn't. He came over to my house yesterday (the one i have been slaving over with a hellish remodel that is killing me) and said nothing. Nothing! So, there you have it. Last night, we finish dinner and presents start coming and i hand him the first book. He quietly opens it and proceeds to go through the entire thing slooooowly. my mom looks over his shoulder and they reflect on memories: how broad he was, and skinny... at the end he looks at me with all this emotion in his eyes and voice and says "honey, this so nice. What an amazing gift." And that, dear stone, is the first time my dad has EVER said that about any gift or THING we've ever done for him. THANK YOU so much for pushing us to do this. I know he went back to his hotel last night and opened the rest of the books. These books are more than images and words, they are his life, and they reflect his commitment and passion and excellence for this game that he gave so much to. I honestly cannot tell you how much it means to him and to all of us. Please pass along props to all who worked on this project. More feedback to come as we make out way through the trilogy!

Andrea Byrd MLB Allstar and San Francisco Giant Marlon Byrd’s wife

I wanted to give my husband something that was unique and personal. I found exactly that when I was referred to Stone at Best Of years ago and was so impressed with their work. Their product is stunning and of exceptional quality. Watching my husband look through his books with our children and relive the proudest moments of his career is beyond gratifying for all of us.

Alyssa Hackworth NFL Seattle Seahawks LB Bruce Irvin’s wife

A one of kind gift. The biggest testament to Best of Legacy’s work is that two of my close friends both had Best of Legacy put together albums for their husbands after seeing mine. My husband couldn’t believe the number of articles and amazing photos in the book. I’ve never seen him so touched by a gift before.

Jenny Myers Retired NFL All Pro Chris Myers’ wife, and sister of retired MLS Player Chris Albright

What a unique gift! It’s really the perfect thing for the player who has everything. We leave it out on our coffee table and it’s been quite the conversation piece. If you have memories you want to preserve, go through best of legacy. The quality of their work is amazing.

Lauren Teahen Retired MLB Player Mark Teahen

Oh my's fantastic! I was sitting on the couch with tears rolling down my cheeks as I scrolled through the memories. You guys are amazing.

Kyle Phillips Retired MLB Player and advanced scout Chicago Cubs

This book is a must for any athlete or business professional wanting to highlight their career achievements or accolades. The craftsmanship was extremely professional and exceeded my expectations. My book told the story of my childhood all the way through my professional baseball playing career. I can't wait to share these memories with my expanding family.

Katie Tracy Retired MLB Player Chad Tracy’s wife

Thanks!! Got the book yesterday and wow is she heavy!! Looks fantastic. Can't wait to give it to Chad. I'll send you a picture of him with it.

Brent Jones 3x NFL Super Bowl Champ, 4x All Pro

This is a great investment… probably one of the best things money can buy. The quality of best of legacy’s work is incredible. They’ve created an heirloom that will be passed down through the generations.

Antonio Cromartie NFL New York Jets, 4x Pro Bowl Player

The name of this company is “Best of Legacy” for a reason. They really showcase the best of your legacy –and my legacy is my football career.

Kimberly Jones NHL Calgary Flames Player David Jones’s wife

You can't put a price on perfection. This has been a great conversation piece. Everyone that sees this bookhas the best compliments. Definitely a major score!

Robert Ayers NFL New York Giants

BEST kept secret! Seriously I've never been more satisfied with a purchase in my life. Every page of my sports legacy scrapbook is a flash back. So many years on the many memories. Enough to bring a grown man to tears. There were clips in there I had forgot about! Thanks Best of Legacy.

Shannon Hillenmeyer NFL Retired Player Hunter Hillenmeyer’s wife

Lauren Teahen - Hi guys! I finally opened the giant box that's been sitting in the closet for weeks. I was going to wait until marks retirement party to look at it but I couldn't stand it.Next Saturday can't come soon enough. He is going to flip when he sees it. I'm already anticipating ordering an extra copy for his parents. His mom is going to lose it when she sees it. I had tears in my eyes flipping through so many amazing memories I had forgotten about. Thank you so much for doing such a fantastic job. Today I was thinking about Hunters awesome book and realized that I haven't been in touch since wereceived it! We had family in town when it arrived and it was such a perfect time to share it and reminisce together! What an awesome thing you do for many families- can't wait to share this and reflect on it as the years pass. Hunter was blown away and we hope to do one for my Dad as retirement comes. Thank you. Warmly,

Amber Sabathia 6x MLB Allstar, New York Yankee CC Sabathia’s wife

He LOVES it and i found him looking it over on the first day of the off season! Great Gift...looking forward to others in the future!

Barry Zito Cy Young Winner, MLB Oakland A’s

Wow man. This thing is FIRST CLASS. Well done!! Love the wooden display case.

Bryan Price Manger, MLB Cincinnati Reds

He absolutely loved it! Thank you guys so much! He sat and read every article with a smile on his face! There were pictures included that he had never even seen.

Liz Young MLB Allstar, Kansas City Royals Player Chris Young’s wife

The book arrived and it is AMAZING!! I can't wait for Chris to open it on Christmas morning! Thank you for everything & I'm already excited for when we can complete the second book. 🙂 Thanks again!

Allison Kennedy Retired NBA Player Charles Share’s Daughter and San Diego Padres Player Ian Kennedy’s wife

First of all, the book was a huge hit. My grandma was in tears and my mom couldn't believe the quality of the book. I would like to order a total of 5 more copies of the book.

Nick Masset MLB Atlanta Braves Player

You guys did a great job on it... My parents are gunna loose it!

Mandy Piechowski NFL Super Bowl Champion Greg Jones’ wife

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I got Greg's book and I love it!!! So hard to wait till the 25th to give it to him!!!

Lacey Finnegan NFL Super Bowl champ, Pro Bowl and All Pro Player Cortland Finnegan’s wife

This is amazing! I’m reliving these memories! Can’t imagine how he will feel!!!

Heather Bulluck Pro Bowl and 3x All Pro player Keith Bulluck’s wife

Stone!! I just got the book. It’s beautiful! Those PDF’s don’t do it justice!!

Marsha Geary MLB Player Geoffrey Geary’s wife

The book is beyond AMAZING!!!!!! Geoff was blown away!!! We have our own business now and Aubrey Huff is one of our Biz partners. He was just on a flight w/ us and saw the book. He said he has a few of his own and loves them!!! Thanks again!!

Charlene Wells 3x MLB All Star, 3x Gold Glover Vernon Wells’ wife

Stone and his team provided the culmination of my 14-year career at my finger tips, allowing me to relive the glory days! Bittersweet, obviously- but an exclamation to the years of hard work and dedication to the game I love!

Stephanie Day Morfitt ESPN Neil Everett’s wife

WE WERE BLOWN AWAY! WOW! Neil was almost in tears and so touched. Please send a huge thanks to your team for helping me give "the most thoughtful gift" to my husband (those were his words).

Kristin Duke MLB Allstar, Chicago White Sox Player Zach Duke’s wife

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how much my husband loved his Best of Legacybook! He was so surprised and touched by all of the articles and pictures. Thanks for putting together such a wonderful finished product! Sincerely,

Heather LaRue Retired MLB Player Jason LaRue’s wife

Hi Stone! I gave Jason his book today on his birthday. He absolutely loved it!!

Holly Lukasik NFL Pro Bowler and 2x All Pro Terrence McGee’s girlfriend

Stone, received the book today! It is so nice, absolutely love how it came out! Thank you for working withme through this process!

Michi Marshall 5x NFL Pro Bowl and All Pro New York Jets Player Brando Marshall’s wife

Good morning and happy belated Father's Day to you both thank you so much for your hard work I was able to give Brandon his Father's Day gift and he loves it! Thank you for helping me make a wonderful first Father's Day for my beloved.

TJ Barrack Financier Tom Barrack’s son

He was blown away, loved it! Thanks again

Stacy Sager Sports Broadcaster Craig Sager’s wife

Craig and I just opened the book on his birthday this past Monday and he was absolutely blown away. Literally he said it was the best gift he has ever received. I want to extend a huge 'thank you' for making that happen. Regards,

Karie Ross Boston Red Sox GM Dave Dombrowski’s wife

Just received and opened the book and it's fabulous !! It's much bigger and more grand that I envisioned!! Thanks and look forward to Dave opening it AND to doing the next one for his Tigers' days !!

Kathy Verhoeven Retired MLB Player John Verhoeven’s wife

The book is over-the-top amazing! It's a priceless treasure. I simple thank you does not do it justice! I am overwhelmingly grateful for your professionalism, patience and creativity! With much gratitude,

Darcie Hull NHL Hall of Famer Brett Hull's wife

Upon Brett's retirement I found myself asking "What gift can i get 'Brett Hull' that he wouldn't get for himself?" BESTofLEGACY was the answer. His book is a true living memory of both his amazing career & touches of his personal life. It took me some time to bite the bullet and bring his book to life, but I'm telling you, the book will give YOU far more than what you pay for it. With our fast paced lives, I have been grateful for the book's ability to slow us down and remind us to take the time to relive & respect ALL of the great moments on the pages & the (even better;) stories that lie beneath them. A BESTofLEGACY book is truly a personal, beautiful piece of art that you & your family will cherish forever.

Caroline Aucoin NHL Veteran Adrian Aucoin's wife

I have never been more excited to give a gift to Adrian than I was with his first BESTofLEGACY book. I ended up ordering 4 more throughout his career and we are thrilled with our collection! I love when I find him or our kids browsing through the book's collection of articles & personal photos, making new memories while remembering the old ones...

Andrea Doan NHL Veteran Shane Doan's wife

We absolutely love the BESTofLEGACY book that was created for Shane. It is a gorgeous heirloom styled book filled with all of Shane's career highs and unforgettable hockey moments of his first 1000 games. What a treasure to have all of these memories, news articles and photos stored so beautifully and professionally in one place.

Courtney Maybin Atlanta Braves player Cameron Maybin's wife

Just wanted to let you know I received the book and it looks amazing!! Have to get a copy for my father in law for Christmas too!

Pam Such Retired MLB Pitcher and Coach Dick Such's wife

He was totally overwhelmed and so loved it! He's really a quiet guy, so it's always kind of hard to tell emotions on something like this, but he did think it was Amazing! Thank You So Very Much Again! And I will pass the word along what a Fabulous Keepsake others can have! Thanks again!

Mary Catherine Pittsburgh Pirates Pitcher Mark Melancon's wife

I think it's awesome. I love all the photos and I love the large photos at the end. Seriously this might be the next book you take around as your "example" when trying to sell it to other girls. I love being able to have Mark's articles, but also the family "baseball" photos we have collected. It makes it truly personal. Thanks for all your hard work Scott.

Sheileah Crisp Cincinnati Reds Infielder Brandon Phillips partner and sister of Coco Crisp

I received my package of 2 mosaic posters. They are absolutely AWESOME! Thank you.

Karen Burnett Former MLB AllStar and World Series Champion A. J.'s wife

Just wanted to say I gave AJ the books, and he absolutely loves them. Thank you to you guys for doing such an amazing job and putting 17 years of memories at our fingertips. The books are stunning. Again, thank you so much. They turned out more beautiful than I could've imagined.